NEW! Must Read!
The Electric Sky
by Donald E. Scott
How Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Sun theories challenge the Big Bang model

"God Star
" by
Dwardu Cardona
which sets out to show that the sky which ancient man saw, was enitirely differnt from the one we see now.

of the Gods

The new Monograph by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

In the Latest Issue
Aeon VI:6
Oct 2005

Aeon VI:6

Falling Star - Ev Cochrane

The Opening of the Mouth Ritual - Part III - Ken Moss

Citing the Work of Others: A Critique by Lewis M Greenberg

Science, Technology and the Chronology of the Ancient World by Trevor Palmer

Sins of the Father by Ev Cochrane

Pillars of Straw by Dwardu Cardona

Egyptian Influence Upon Early Israelite Literature by Jay D'Ambrosio


Martian Metamorphoses:
The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion
By Ev Cochrane.

The Many Faces of Venus:
The Planet Venus in Ancient Myth and Religion
By Ev Cochrane

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