Volume 2
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Volumes 2:1 to 2:6

Volume 2:1 [more] (1989)

  1. Evidence of an Inversion Event by Terrence Field
  2. Astroblemes and Gastroblemes by C. Warren Hunt
  3. Servant of the Sun God by David Talbott
  4. On Comets and Kings by Ev Cochrane,
  5. On Early Glass-making and Chronological Puzzles by Gunner Heinsohn
  6. Heinsohn and the Hyksos by Clark Whelton

Volume 2:2 [more] (1990)

  1. Viva Lamarck by Ev Cochrane
  2. A Chronological Note on the Kassites by Gunnar Heinsohn.
  3. On the Orientation of Ancient Temples and Other Anomalies by Raphael Kazmann
  4. Saxl's Pendulum by Leroy Ellenberger,
  5. Pendulums and Sunspots by Charles Ginenthal
  6. The 108-Year Cyclicism of Ancient Catastrophes by Donald Patten
  7. The Reconstruction of Cosmic History by Dwardu Cardona

Volume 2:3 [more] (1990)

  1. The Birth of Athena, by Ev Cochrane (investigation of the cult of the warrior-goddess in comparative myth. Includes analysis of the traditions associated with Inanna, Ishtar, Kali, Anat, and others).
  2. Velikovsky's Martian Catastrophes, by Dwardu Cardona(a critique of Velikovsky's placement of the Mars-events in Worlds in Collision).
  3. Pleiongaea: A Myth for all Seasons, by Fred Jueneman
  4. Chronology of Lyres, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  5. Greek History Begins in the Sixth Century BCE, by Benny Peiser
  6. Clashing Magnetic Fields, by Don Patten

Volume 2:4 [more] (1991)

  1. The Afar Triangle as the Nether Reaches of Eden and Babel, by Lynn Rose
  2. The Mythical History of the Comet Venus, by David Talbott
  3. Indra: A Case Study in Comparative Mythology, by Ev Cochrane(a detailed analysis of the traditions surrounding the Vedic war-god. Evidence is presented that Indra's cult is best interpreted as reflecting ancient conceptions associated with the planet Mars).
  4. The Methodology of Patten's Martian Scenario, by Dwardu Cardona
  5. Old Babylonian and Persian Terra-Cotta Reliefs, by Gunnar Heinsohn

Volume 2:5 [more] (1991)

  1. Intimatations of an Alien Sky, by Dwardu Cardona
  2. Timna and Egyptian Dates, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  3. Some Comments on Heinsohn's Revised Chronology, by William Stiebing.
  4. The Death of Heracles, by Ev Cochrane
  5. Redshift, by Fred Jueneman

Volume 2:6 [more] (1991) (A Special Two-Part Velikovsky Retrospective)

  1. The Jewish Science of Immanuel Velikovsky, by Duane Vorhees(excerpts from the definitive biography of the author of Worlds in Collision)
  2. Cosmic Heretics, by Alfred de Grazia
  3. Cosmic Catastrophism, by William Stiebing
  4. The Velikovsky Affair, by Henry Bauer
  5. A Personal Reminiscence, by Lloyd Motz
  6. The Countdown to a new Celestial Hazard, by Victor Clube
  7. Velikovsky and Catastrophism..., by Irving Wolfe
  8. Beyond Bauer, by Ev Cochrane (offers a review and critique of Henry Bauer's Beyond Velikovsky)

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