Volume 4
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Volumes 4:1 to 4:6

Volume 4:1 [more] (April 1995)

  1. Morning Star, by Dwardu Cardona
  2. Mars Gods of the New World, by Ev Cochrane
  3. Paired Sets in the Hebrew Alphabet, by Brian Stross

Volume 4:2 [more] (August 1995)

  1. Magnetic Models of the Polar Configuration, by Robert Driscoll
  2. Janus, by Dwardu Cardona
  3. Morning Star: Part Two, by Dwardu Cardona
  4. Martian Meteorites in Ancient Myth and Modern Science, by Ev Cochrane(Rocks from the red planet have been found on the planet Earth. How did they come to get here and when? Evidence is presented that the Martian meteorites arrived only recently and in great numbers, this thesis being diametrically opposed to that defended by orthodox astronomy).
  5. A General Introduction to Amazon Mythology, by Tammy Joe Eckhart
  6. The Origin of Language, by James Strickling
  7. Remembering Velikovsky, by Martin Sieff.

Volume 4:3 [more] (December 1995)

  1. The Saturn Thesis by David Talbott.
  2. Lamarckism: Still Alive and Thriving: An Interview with Ted Steele.
  3. Racial Memory and Instinct: The Case of the Honeyguide by Ev Cochrane.
  4. A Renaissance Saturn by Maureen Pelta.
  5. Let There Be Darkness: An Archetypal Analysis of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich by Lewis Greenberg.

Volume 4:4 [more] (April 1996)

  1. The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-Historical Record by Dwardu Cardona.
  2. The Milky Way in Ancient Myth and Religion by Ev Cochrane.
  3. The Reality of Extinctions by Peter James.
  4. Whence Homo? by James Strickling.
  5. Alexander and the Amazons: Ancient Belief and Modern Analysis by Tammy Jo Eckhart.

Volume 4:5 [more] (November 1996)

  1. Stability and Dimensions of the Polar Configuration by Robert Driscoll.
  2. The Cosmic Origin of the Swastika by Dwardu Cardona.
  3. The Saturn Thesis (Part 2) by David Talbott.
  4. Mons Veneris by Ev Cochrane.
  5. The Rise of Blood Sacrifice by Gunnar Heinsohn.
  6. Peruvian Heart by Fred Jueneman.

Volume 4:6 [more] (May 1997)

  1. On the Possibility of Instantaneous Shifts of the Poles by Flavio Barbiero.
  2. The Terrestrial Sea: A Critical Model of Science and Myth by Fred Jueneman.
  3. The Saturn Thesis (Part 3) by David Talbott.
  4. Samson Revealed by Ev Cochrane.
  5. The Shrine of Baal-Zephon by Dwardu Cardona
  6. Stonehenge: Temple of the Moon by Alban Wall. 

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