Volume 3
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Volumes 3:1 to 3:6

Volume 3:1 [more] (November 1992)

  1. The Jewish Science of Immanuel Velikovsky: Part Two, by Duane Vorhees
  2. Velikovsky: A Personal Perspective, by Fred Jueneman
  3. The Fracture Zones in Deep Polar Ice Cores, by Lynn Rose
  4. The Surface of Venus, by Charles Ginenthal(Ginenthal presents a wealth of evidence suggesting that Venus only recent experienced a catastrophe of unprecedented scale).
  5. A Velikovsky Potpourri, by Leroy Ellenberger(Velikovsky's most persistent critic offers a summary of the evidence against the thesis presented in Worlds in Collision)
  6. A Personal Memoir, by Warner Sizemore
  7. Venus and the Jubilee, by Bernard Newgrosh
  8. Towards a Science of Mythology, by Ev Cochrane

Volume 3:2 [more] (May 1993)

  1. Astral Kingship, by Lewis Greenberg
  2. Velikovsky's Dreamwork, by Duane Vorhees
  3. Is the Universe Finite?, by Fred Jueneman
  4. Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art, by Ev Cochrane(a survey of rock art shows that "pictures" of the ancient sun-god are impossible to reconcile with the current appearance of the sun. Evidence is presented that neolithic rock art accurately portrays the image presented by the polar configuration).
  5. Baal-Manzer the Tyrian: A Reappraisal, by Brad Aaronson
  6. Who Were the Assyrians of the Persian Period?, by Gunnar Heinsohn

Volume 3:3 [more] (October 1993)

  1. From Myth to Physical Model, by David Talbott(The author of The Saturn Myth presents a discussion of the Saturn-thesis in the light of space age findings and models designed to account for the bizarre grouping of planets required by the theory).
  2. A Proposed Model for the Polar Configuration, by Bob Grubaugh
  3. Darkness and the Deep, by Dwardu Cardona
  4. Indra's Theft of the Sun-God's Wheel, by Ev Cochrane
  5. Velikovsky and Racial Memory, by Duane Vorhees
  6. Astronomical Dating and Calendrics, by Gunnar Heinsohn

Volume 3:4 [more] (December 1993)

  1. The Lord of Light, by Lewis Greenberg
  2. Thanatos and Anastasis, by Lewis Greenberg
  3. Velikovsky in America, by Duane Vorhees
  4. On Mars and Pestilence, by Ev Cochrane(evidence is presented that the association of the red planet with war, death, and pestilence is universal in extent, reflecting spectacular cataclysms involving Mars).
  5. Psychoceramics, by Fred Jueneman

Volume 3:5 [more] (May 1994)

  1. The Great Comet Venus, by David Talbott(Talbott presents a wealth of evidence suggesting that Venus only recently presented a comet-like appearance).
  2. The Evolution of the Cosmogonic Egg, by Dwardu Cardona
  3. The Beginning of Time, by Dwardu Cardona
  4. Sothis and the Morning Star in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, by Ev Cochrane

Volume 3:6 [more] (December 1994)

  1. A Dynamical Objection to Grubaugh's Model, by Victor Slabinski
  2. Worlds in Collision: Reviews and Reviewers, by Duane Vorhees
  3. The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  4. The Saturn Thesis: Questions and Answers, by David Talbott
  5. On Dragons and Red Dwarves, by Ev Cochrane(the dragon-combat in the light of comparative mythology. A widespread motive features a dwarfish hero said to enter the dragon's belly only to swell greatly in size while turning bright red. Evidence is presented that the episode of the dragon-combat commemorates spectacular events associated with the planet Mars).

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